IVU’s leadership is provided by its two board members:
Martin Müller-Elschner and Matthias Rust.

Martin Müller-Elschner is chairman of IVU Traffic Technologies AG since January 2010. A graduate engineer, he has been a familiar figure in the company for quite a while: as early as 1994 he took on the leadership of several projects in the passenger information area. He then became a divisional manager, and later an authorised officer and a member of the board of management since 2008.

Matthias Rust has been a member of the Management Board since November 2016. He has been a representative of IVU’s management team since 2005, in which he was responsible for the logistics division. An IT specialist, he has acquired many years of experience with public transport IT systems and first assumed management responsibilities at IVU in 1998.

Felix Bialdyga (Human Resources),
Oliver Grzegorski (Head of Development Public Transport Planning),
Andreas Hellwig (Division Manager Public Transport Operations),
Martin Müller-Elschner (Chairman of the Management Board),
Perry Prust (Division Manager Public Transport Planning),
Matthias Rust (Management Board),
Leon Struijk (Division Manager Logistics),
Steffen Voith (Finance)