Our 700 employees give IVU its identity. Their dedication and expertise make IVU what it is. In three divisions at 15 locations in 13 countries they develop software and draw up concepts, implement systems and support projects. They enhance processes and advise customers. Our strength is significantly based on the performance, knowledge, motivation and personality of the people that work at IVU.  

Behind each timetable, each set of real-time information and each parcel delivery is a diverse array of complex questions. Highly-qualified specialists are needed to find the right answers for these questions and to continuously develop our systems for public transport and logistics further.

Our employees have backgrounds in diverse fields. The IVU team includes software and project engineers, mathematicians, transport experts and geographers. People who think and act in a solution-orientated way. Employees who seek challenging tasks and enrich our company with their ideas, experience and knowledge of the trade.

You want to learn more about the clever minds of IVU? We introduce some of them here.