A large portion of the funding for today’s public transport services comes from the public sector, which demands accountability on whether and how well transportation contracts are fulfilled. This means that all services have to be checked for quality and efficiency and billed accordingly.

The IVU.control system enables public transport authorities and public transport operators to efficiently control service contracts, operating performance, service quality and ticket sales. Powerful evaluation tools allow planned and actual data to be compared, while also enabling standardised and automated reporting – from the detailed analysis of individual trips and stations, through to highly aggregated figures for entire service contracts, months or years. User-defined evaluations, graphical displays and a complete Office integration ensure convenience, flexibility and standardisation of controlling processes, with minimum cost and maximum quality.

IVU.control is the complete solution for:

  • Controlling, accounting and monitoring public transport service contracts
  • Operating performance and quality statistics for IVU.fleet
  • Sales and revenue statistics for IVU.fare

Controlling service contracts:

  • Service accounting
  • Quality management
  • Reporting / Statistics
  • Corporate management
  • Problem and cost transparency

 Performance and quality statistics for IVU.fleet:

  • Run performance, journey times
  • Punctuality, regularity
  • Connection quality
  • Cancellations and much more

 Sales and revenue statistics for IVU.fare:

  • According to type of ticket, routes
  • Vehicles, sales devices
  • Relations, fare zones
  • Sales assistants and much more