Precise invoicing with IVU.control.

IVU.control provides a standardised database from planning through to invoicing and pools all relevant modes of transport. IVU.control monitors punctuality and cancellations, calculates infrastructure costs and reviews compliance with transport agreements. The data recorded with IVU.fleet and IVU.fare are used to draw up freely configurable statistics on transport services, ticket sales and revenues.

The complete solution encompasses:

Controlling service contracts

The method of controlling service contracts is based on a continuous comparison (target) and actual operating performance and quality of the product. Deviations are automatically calculated using the parameters in the underlying service contract. The detailed scope of services and the valid quality and reliability rules can be mapped for every contract in the form of parameters.

  • Service accounting
  • Controlling reliability
  • Quality management
  • Contract management
  • Risk prevention (planned-actual)
  • Order management
  • Financial planning
  • Reporting and statistics
  • Analysis of transport demand
  • Integrated handling of all public transport

Performance & quality statistics for IVU.fleet

By using the IVU.fleet ITCS, it it possible to monitor the entire operational procedure in a consistent and detailed way. In IVU.fleet, the information sent by the vehicles by means of radio telegrams is used primarily for fleet tracking and dispatching purposes. The subsequent processing and interpolation of information that was sent between two stations creates a valuable database that can be used to calculate operational statistics and key figures.

IVU.control.fleet is a high-performance tool for the evaluation of all information that accumulates in the course of operations. The range of functions covers the following areas:

  • From highly aggregated ratios to the smallest details
  • Route assessments, daily number of passengers, time series, cause analysis
  • Evaluation of operating performance (run performance, run times, stop times, layover times, etc.)
  • reliability (punctuality, regularity, connections, failures, etc.)
  • Evaluation of reliability (punctuality, regularity, connection quality, cancellations, etc.)
  • Passengers and sales (passenger numbers, occupancy, etc.)

Sales and revenue statistics for IVU.fare

IVU.control.fare, the sales and revenue statistics module, is capable of querying large amounts of data according to user-defined criteria, condensing the data and calculating the relevant operational key figures. The Office integration and the direct link-up to Microsoft Excel enable a formatted presentation of tables and charts, while also allowing the user to carry out any further processing tasks.

  • Flexible analysis of sales data (data filter, multiple filter, individual selection of an amount of data)
  • Revenue statistcs (sales, cancellations, number of passengers, kilometres and aggregation of results)
  • Evaluation by ticket type, route, vehicle, relation, fare zone, sales device, sales person, etc.
  • Presentation of results with Office standards, reports & charts on Excel basis, automatic generation of cross tables and graphs.