The daily deployment of vehicles and staff is a challenge for the dispatchers of urban and regional transportation. Can service planning be enhanced in a manner that takes into account driver requests, legal provisions and economic factors? Are the vehicles deployed according to the workshop requirements? The IVU dispatching systems give the dispatcher a clear overview of which resources are currently deployed and where. This enables transport companies to respond swiftly and flexibly to unforeseen events – such as exchanging staff or bringing replacement vehicles into service. The flexibility of IVU.vehicle and IVU.crew is crucial for ensuring smooth transportation and thus a higher level of service for passengers.

At a glance:

  • continuous data flow, integrated with our planning system
  • personnal scheduling and optimisation
  • automated, personalised dispatching
  • long-, mid- and short term dispatching of personnal and vehicles
  • driver information, statistics, wage data evaluation
  • coupling with workshop and staff administration
  • company data base according to VDV data model