IVU.crew manages the entire deployment of staff from long-term holiday planning through to daily dispatching and precise wage settlement. The dispatcher is provided with the ideal support by means of automatic driver allocation and mobile facilities for monitoring when drivers being their duties. Drivers are also involved by being able to enter individual preferences.

IVU.crew at a glance:

  • Automatic driver allocation
  • Individual inspection of duty rosters
  • Qualification control
  • Duty sign-on control
  • Configurable work time accounts
  • Advanced holiday planning
  • Integrated payroll accounting
  • Standard interfaces to HR management


  • Optimises the rostering of personnel
  • Automatic allocation of duties to drivers and other personnel
  • Takes account of specific preferences and ensures balanced working hour accounts


  • Driver information and entry of preferences via Internet
  • Duty queries using mobile end devices
  • Reporting duty sign-on and sign-off