Efficient vehicle dispatch with IVU.vehicle

IVU.vehicle plans and controls the entire deployment of vehicles and monitors the run performance and service intervals. Parking facilities are recorded in detail and manoeuvring processes enhanced. The connection with personnel dispatch and workshop is no problem.

IVU.vehicle at a glance:

  • Vehicle workings and automatic sequences over several days
  • Detailed fleet management
  • Planned-Actual comparison of run performances and service interval monitoring


  • Quick dispatching, dealing with delays and cancellations
  • Display of planned and actual status in the control centre; display of projected arrival times, with effect on layover times and subsequent trips
  • Online interfaces for maintenance workshop systems
  • Rule-based vehicle allocation
  • Continuous information on duties, drivers and vehicles


  • Depot management
  • Pull-in and pull-out supervision
  • Vehicle positioning at the depot
  • Parking management with monitoring of planned and actual parking actions
  • Administration and capacity planning for servicing facilities


  • Planning and accounting with charter services
  • Reservation, planning and accounting for non-scheduled services (e.g. with coaches or tour buses, special trips during major events, etc.)
  • Integrated planning of drivers and vehicles for travel services over more than one day