While passengers are on the move, IVU systems continue working: they record and process all events in real-time, provide the driver with information and communicate with the control centre. At the same time, they control the on-board electronics (e.g. interior and exterior displays, announcers, ticket validators, radio equipment) and settle ticket accounts, notify passengers of the arrival times at the next stops and thereby help to make public transport more userfriendly and enhance operational procedures.

The main control centre forms the heart of modern transportation companies. It is here that all information concerning the traffic situation and trips of the entire fleet converges. The dispatcher communicates with each individual driver from the control centre. However, the more complex the transport system, the more difficult it is to maintain an overview. Just a single construction site can upset the entire system. It is therefore important to take swift and targeted action, remove or work around disruptions, keep operations running, ensure that passengers make their connections and communicate all activities promptly to drivers and passengers. With their extensive dispatching and communication functions, IVU systems offer immediate solutions, guarantee secure connections and provide up-to-date information at all times. Convenient passenger information and user-friendly ticket solutions, including electronic ticketing, serve to enhance travel comfort and contribute towards ensuring that public transport holds its own in competition with private transport.

Products for fleet management: IVU.fleet, IVU.cockpit, IVU.box

At a glance:

  • systems for urban and regional service
  • GPS-based location tracking and navigation
  • automatical connection services
  • automatical traffic light switching, giving priority to public transport vehicles.
  • analogue and digital radio comms, GSM, GPRS and UMTS
  • E-ticketing support
  • analysis and statistics function
  • integration of coupled control centres
  • increase in efficiency