IVU’s on-board computer software solution.

IVU.cockpit is IVU’s on-board computer software. It runs on both IVU.box and other on-board computers as well as mobile terminals such as smart phones. IVU.cockpit identifies the current location, displays the timetable situation to the driver, informs passengers and organises voice and data communication with the control centre.

IVU.cockpit at a glance:

  • Display of stops and timetable situation
  • Physical and Logical Positioning
  • Dead Reckoning (GPS, Distance Pulse, Door Criteria)
  • Visual and acoustic passenger information in and outside the vehicle
  • Speech and data communication with the control centre
  • Data exchange via WLAN/GPRS with the central data management; upload and download of data, also for other on-board equipment
  • Automatic traffic signal preemption
  • Runs either on IVU.box or on a variety of other on-board computers
  • Standard-compliant with ITxPT