Fleet management with IVU.fleet

IVU.fleet is able to supply all relevant data at all times and display them clearly in the control centre: the current traffic situation, the location of all vehicles, any disruptions as soon as they arise. With its comprehensive dispatching functions, IVU.fleet provides solutions for dispatchers, guarantees connections and traces the movement profile of all vehicles.

IVU.fleet at a glance:

  • For the management of the vehicle fleet at the control centre
  • Operational control system for city and regional transport
  • For buses, trams and trains
  • Location, timetable and duty plan monitoring
  • Tabular and graphical visualisation of the current operating status
  • Automatic interval assurance
  • Automatic connection assurance
  • Dispatch measures using graphical editors
  • Integrated speech and data radio control with analogue and digital (Tetra) operational radio and public digital radio (GSM, GPRS, UMTS)


  • Ensures a consistent supply of data for vehicles, control centres and DPI-systems
  • Integrated with IVU.plan / data accepted from a variety of timetable and scheduling programs
  • If necessary, additional specialised data, e.g. wireless codes
  • Generation of displays (e.g. “regional displays”) for the control centre
  • Data consitency checks
  • Automatic data distribution to on-board computers, control centres and DPI-systems
  • Data supply for vehicles via WLAN, GPRS and data carrier


  • Shows the current operation situation in the control centre (high quality Vector maps)
  • Satellite or aerial images if required
  • Automatic vehicle tracking, e.g. in case of emergency calls