Optimal journey planning from door to door

IVU.journey.planner calculates the best public transport connection at the touch of a button – by bus, tram, train, taxi or bicycle, including the distances to be covered by foot to and from the stop. In combination with the rapid routing algorithm, the highly scalable system allows a high number of queries in large transport networks. Complex route recommendations are computed in a fraction of a second. A flexible layout description language allows customised solutions to be created in a cost-effective manner. Further modules make it easier to use IVU.journey, and the map display helps people to find their way. The usage of public transport is simplified with detailed information about accessibility and the possibility of receiving further information from a call centre or the mobile Internet direct to your mobile phone.

IVU.journey.planner at a glance:

  • Route planning and timetable information
  • From door to door, with information about possible access restrictions and disruption
  • Via call centres, Internet or mobile terminals
  • Customised stop brochures and timetables can be created as PDF files
  • Cartographic visualisation of multimodal routes
  • Continuous data supply via IVU.plan or IVU.pool

The ideal fare:

IVU.journey.tariff informs passengers of the cheapest routes available. The fare consultant displays the possible tickets and fares, not just for every requested connection, but also for every combination of routes and travel times required by the customer. This means that customers can decide whether they would be better off buying a weekly ticket for all their comings and goings over the next few days.


Fare information for integration into a timetable information system.

Calculation of the best price to advise the customer on which ticket to buy, taking the following into account:

  • Different trips
  • Frequency of travelling
  • Travel groups
  • Tickets that passengers bring along with them
  • Sliding season tickets
  • Enables free administration of the fare regulations
  • Integration of the existing timetable information system via standardised interfaces
  • Option of connection to available webshop