Keep up to date in realtime

IVU.realtime enables the passenger to view the control centre directly. IVU.realtime takes all realtime information that enters the control centre, processes it and presents it to the passenger via a wide variety of media, such as realtime stop indicators or mobile phones. By being kept well-informed in this way, passengers perceive the time they spend waiting to be considerably shorter and are more satisfied overall.

Overview of IVU.realtime

  • Current departure times via various media
  • Connection with all controll systems possible viastandard interfaces
  • Completely integrated with IVU.fleet
  • Compatible with all display types
  • Central management of display configuration and disruption management
  • Processing of all dispatch actions


  • Support for open standards (VDV 453/454, SIRI, HAFAS) for external departure information
  • Support for apps providing mobile information via the URA interface
  • Integrated data hub for real-time information - the digital travel companion 

  • Door to door navigation - supports passengers throughout entire journeys (including footpath)
  • Suggests alternative routes for missed connections
  • Reminder alerts before alighting and transfers
  • Stops may be searched for using text, graphich, or based on vicinity ("near me" function)
  • Favourites list for frequently used stops
  • SMS ticketing (mobile phone tickets)
  • White label app with customisable design
  • Available as a native app for Android and iOS
  • Available through app store

IVU.realtime.stop - the coputer at the stop

  • Controlled via IP communications (mobile communications, LAN) and digital radio systems (Tetrapol, TETRA)
  • Log-off signal directly from the vehicle (e.g. IVU.cockpit) via control centre or radio communication
  • Stable hardware and software platform
  • Control and management of all display types