Even before the first vehicles leave the depot, IVU systems plan the deployment of buses, trams, trains and drivers. Before the passenger boards a vehicle, IVU solutions tell him the fastest way to reach his destination.

A planner faces a wide range of tasks – in order to create a timetable, he must record the stops, routes and lines in transport plans and map them in a system. He must also calculate travel times, which must always be up to date. Quality specifications play an important role here, for example in ensuring connections. Last but not least, he must plan the deployment of vehicles and drivers in the most cost-effective way possible. Statutory requirements such as regulations regarding break times and collective wage and operational conditions must be taken into account. In addition, major events, school holidays and roadworks require specially adapted timetables and staff rosters. To ensure a smooth flow of traffic, planning systems must be able to respond quickly and efficiently. Flexibility, efficiency and user-friendliness are an established standard for the IVU.suite systems. IVU.plan and IVU.pool help the planners to perform their demanding tasks and ensure that vehicles and people keep moving.

At a glance:

  • Continuous data flow
  • Network planning and timetabling
  • Schedule planning
  • Staff roster planning
  • Optimisation
  • Printouts and statistics
  • GIS-support

For buses and trains, for cities and rural areas:

  • Corporate database in accordance with VDV data model