IVU.plan – optimal deployment plans for vehicles and staff.

IVU.plan manages the route network and develops the timetable service, from strategic planning through to changes made at short notice. IVU.plan uses intelligent algorithms to enhance vehicle circulation, services, roster layouts and vehicle workings – also integrated in a single step on request. Fully automated variant calculation, parameter analysis and adaptation optimisation reliably support all decisions, from planning to daily operation. Our optimisation partner LBW Optimization GmbH – a branch of the Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin (ZIB) – stands for modern mathematical optimisation technology and its further development in research and usage in practice. Special emphasis is put on performance aspects and the calculation of high quality results.

IVU.plan takes into account all operational provisions and the specifications of the planner, whilst supporting complex operational needs such as train decoupling, charter services, as well as planning track occupancy. Costs, operational stability and employee satisfaction can be optimised with different levels of emphasis. IVU.plan also provides interfaces with downstream systems and enables a variety of statistics and printouts to be created, such as departure schedules, display plans, timetables, roster and schedule printouts, as well as comprehensive reports.

Network planning with IVU.plan.timetable.map:

  • Tables and GIS-based registration and processing of the transport network with
    • Required basic data and parameters,
    • Stops and various other network points,
    • Travel paths and routes with differentiated runtime planning
    • Recording and managing detailed attributes for statistics etc. and providing interfaces to downstream systems (ITCS, ticketing, passenger information)
  • Integrated routing of revenue and non-revenue trip connections
  • Cartographic visualisation of the transport network, with a function allowing the integration of up-to-date online maps


Timetable planning with IVU.plan.timetable:

  • Tabular and graphical planning and modification of timetables with all details for passengers and operations
  • Validities accurate to the day of operation / calendar-based validities
  • Slight adjustments to the planning for roadworks or large-scale events
  • Option of planning variants for timetable analyses and supply planning
  • Integrated connection planning
  • Timetable printouts such as on-street-schedule, departure schedule, timetable booklet
  • Timetable evaluation and statistics


Vehicle working scheduling with IVU.plan.vehicle

  • Manual and automatic routing of non-revenue trips on the basis of geo-information
  • Detailed vehicle working schedule requirements for vehicle changeovers, set-up times and layover requirements taken into account
  • Vehicle working building: graphical (route-time diagram and bar chart as well as tabular)
  • Integrated vehicle working optimisation with the option of sensitivity analysis (timetable modification), also in batch mode, with detailed vehicle mix and guidelines for performance distribution
  • Vehicle working printouts, such as vehicle board, graphic vehicle working scheduling printout, pull-out / pull-in lists, route overview
  • Vehicle working evaluation and statistics


Duty scheduling with IVU.plan.duty:

  • All necessary parameters and requirements taken into account, so that even extremely complex duty rules can be registered
  • Manual, automatic and optimised duty building on the basis of vehicle working, also in batch mode
  • Manual, automatic and optimised duty and vehicle working building in an integrated procedure on the basis of trips, also in batch mode
  • All defined rules are observed, and additional duty elements such as set-up and take-down times, breaks, travel times, fares and supplements are automatically added by the system
  • Option of multiple occupancy and formation of teams, e.g. for rail and shipping traffic
  • Duty output products such as duty printout for urban and regional services, graphic duty printout and relief schedules
  • Duty analysis and statistics