Optimal and regulation-compliant duty schedules.

Numerous framework conditions make duty scheduling a complex puzzle. Labour law requirements, company agreements, qualifications and break and travel times are just some of the elements that have to be coordinated. Timetables and vehicle schedules also have an impact on personnel deployment planning. The integrated workflow and high-performance optimisation core of IVU.duty helps personnel planners keep all the requirements in mind and create duty schedules in compliance with the regulations.

On request, IVU.duty automatically makes deployment suggestions based on existing vehicle rotations. In the process, all applicable deployment guidelines can be recorded in a detailed, configurable policy. The intelligent optimisation mechanisms also help create efficient, needs-based duty schedules. Thanks to the integrated duty and vehicle scheduling, any necessary modifications to schedules can be transferred to IVU.run at the click of a button.

Duty scheduling with IVU.duty:

  • Consideration of all necessary parameters and requirements so that even extremely complex duty rules can be recorded
  • Manual, automatic and optimised creation of duties based on vehicle schedules, also in batch mode
  • All defined rules are complied with and additional duty elements such as preparation and follow-up times, breaks, travel times, fares and supplements are automatically added by the system
  • Possibility of multiple crewing and formation of teams, e.g. for rail and shipping traffic
  • Adjustment optimisation using duty templates
  • Duty outputs, including graphical duty reports and relief schedules – also in digital form in IVU.pad
  • Integrated planning of duty and vehicle schedules
  • Duty analysis and statistics