Optimal vehicle deployment and efficient vehicle schedules.

Vehicles are an expensive resource – meaning that optimum vehicle rotations are essential for the success of a company. As well as the interests of the drivers, these plans must also take into account the workshops, cleaning teams and filling stations. With its integrated solution and specialised optimisations, IVU.run sets standards for urban transport, regional bus services and the railway industry.

If required, parking of the vehicles can be planned down to the exact track or lane. IVU.run also automatically includes required non-revenue trips such as set-up and turnaround times. For planning purposes, all tasks performed on the vehicle, such as cleaning or refuelling, are included in the vehicle schedules. Maintenance operations can be optimised together with the rotation plans – under consideration of the opening times and resources of the workshops. For rail transport, the system considers and optimises the entire, multi-day, run cycle.

Vehicle scheduling with IVU.run:

  • Manual and automatic routing of non-revenue trips based on geographical information
  • Consideration of detailed rotation requirements for vehicle swaps, set-up times and turnaround requirements
  • Graphical representation of the vehicle schedule using a route-time diagram or a bar graph
  • Integrated vehicle rotation optimisation with the option of sensitivity analysis (timetable modification), also in batch mode, with a detailed vehicle mix and performance distribution requirements
  • Integrated, cross-vehicle and multi-day rotation optimisation for rail transport, considering parking capacities and workshop resources
  • Graphical parking planning with trip verification and display of entry and exit blockages
  • Vehicle schedule outputs include train car cards, graphical schedule printouts, depot exit/entry lists, route overviews – also in digital form in IVU.pad
  • Integrated planning of duty and vehicle schedules
  • Rotation evaluation and statistics