Reliable timetables for all circumstances.

Whether a major demonstration coincides with Sunday shopping hours, roadworks are delayed or a line travels through regions with different school holidays, IVU.timetable always tells planners which is the right timetable to use on a certain day and which schedules and duties still have to be altered. Efficient mass processing functions allow them to edit the timetable down to the exact minute – or even second. 

For rail transport, planners can use IVU.timetable to plan the formation of trains, including portion working – down to individual carriages if necessary – as well as track usage at stations and parking facilities.

Who commissioned a trip? Which company was assigned with its implementation? IVU.timetable provides all the essential features of cross-company organisation for settlement and statistics. Naturally, the necessary information for downstream systems – such as operation control systems, passenger information and ticketing – can also be included in the timetable.

Timetable planning with IVU.timetable:


  • Tabular and graphical planning and modification of timetables with all details for passengers and the company
  • Time-dependent runtime profiles
  • Multi-day and multi-line mass processing
  • Slight adjustments to planning for roadworks or large events
  • Possibility to plan variants for timetable analyses and service planning
  • Planning of train formations
  • Integrated connection planning
  • Monitoring of the permissibility of vehicle types over the course of the trip
  • Timetable output products: on-street schedules, departure schedules and timetable booklets amongst others
  • Timetable evaluation and statistics