Convenient and user-friendly ticketing solutions increase travel comfort and can also enhance the standing of public transport in comparison with the use of private vehicles. The on-board equipment must be sturdy, fast and easy to use, and it must be able to settle accounts at any time, even en route. The system must be able to deal with the fares for different companies and has to settle and clear revenue in a reliable manner. Customers must be able to pay and validate on the bus without causing delays. Different stationary and mobile vending machines must be able to access standard accounting software. Electronic ticketing is becoming more common on trains and buses – and IVU offers suitable solutions.
IVU offers its customers both suitable software and innovative equipment for this requirement. The heart of the solution is IVU.fare, the central accounting system, where data from mobile and stationary vending machines converge. IVU.fare has simple interfaces to business management systems such as SAP. For on-board sales, IVU has created the IVU.ticket system, as well as the hardware, which is a fourth generation ticket printer and on-board computer. IVU.ticket also runs on the equipment from other manufacturers, for example, IT 9000 from Casio.