Multidisciplinary und cross-border access to geodata

A geodata infrastructure (GDI) is the easiest and most efficient way to link specific specialised data with territorial information. Geodata inventories from various suppliers are recorded in a GDI and described by means of metadata. The user can search the metadata via geoportals or WebGIS and call up the necessary geodata. The standardised administration and documentation means that the recorded data are homogenized, which makes it easier to compare them. In this way, geodata infrastructures offer convenient, multidisciplinary access to geoinformation to a large number of users.

By creating numerous GDI projects, IVU helped customers from the world of business and management to accelerate processes and save costs as the comprehensive provision of geodata via the Internet and Web portals is a quick and easy means of delivering the data required for work and decision-making processes. For example, land survey registers can thus be made available via a Web portal, giving administrators, lawyers as well as banks access to them. The user groups can access extracts from the automated real estate book, the automated real estate map as well as survey plans via the Internet and the regional government authority network. (LiKa-Online)

GDI also allow information about geothermal energy to be combined on a cross-border basis, and then published at a single address in the Internet. This service supports companies throughout Germany in decisions regarding the use of alternative energy recovery facilities. (Portal Geothermie)

Increasing numbers of administration bodies and authorities are also turning to IVU’s geodata infrastructure solutions for the purpose of information provision. GDI offers citizens easy, convenient access to information, forms and a range of services via the Internet. This service is designed to allow internal and external users to carry out searches. Various access profiles offering internal users additional search options and additional data views have been defined for this purpose. The results of the searches are displayed in lists, detailed views and map views, and can be exported in various formats. (Portal Migration)