Visualisation, routing, geocoding for your entire IT corporate landscape

Geoinformation systems (GIS) are an integral part of our day-to-day working life in the contemporary world. They allow data to be displayed more vividly and in a way that can be easily understood by all users. Topic-based cards allow even complex, specialised information to be communicated quickly and memorably. IVU therefore offers customised GIS solutions for all applications which can be quickly and easily integrated in existing system landscapes thanks to their service-oriented architecture (SOA) and compliance with international standards.

Nearly all data, particularly relating to public transport, has a spatial element to it (e.g. route networks and stops). Visualising this information on easy-to-read maps makes the day-to-day planning work of the dispatchers considerably easier. To offer a better overview, live data of moving objects (such as buses and trains) can be shown on interactive maps in real time. The GIS gathers the data required for this from the company’s own geodata infrastructure, and combines it with the up-to-date live data.

The following services can also be activated via IVU.GeoWebServices:

  • 3D displays in Google-Earth
  • Aerial images from Microsoft Bing Maps
  • Map data of the OSM community
  • Routing
  • Geocoding