Hosting IT systems for public transport makes proven IVU solutions available as "Software as a Service” (SaaS). Through this, transport companies save costs: acquiring, operating and maintaining complex server systems is no longer necessary when IVU takes over hosting. is in no way inferior to the locally installed versions of IVU.suite and IVU.rail with regard to performance, availability and data security. Quite the contrary: flexibility and security increase. When tasks suddenly expand - during a timetable change, or when new links and routes are gained, quickly and straightforwardly grows with the requirements. A further advantage: the time and effort needed to implement the programs decreases, and the system can be quickly used productively. When you host at IVU, those who take care of the software are those who know it best.

Outsourcing the server operation does not change anything for the users. They simply access the highly available system via a secure connection - and here they can work with the same user interface they are used to. easily integrates into the existing IT landscape via network connections and interfaces to peripheral systems. conserves resources that transport companies can then use for their actual task: moving people.

At a glance:

  • One-stop operational management and software
  • Secure data management in certified European data processing service centres
  • Scalable - grows to meet your needs
  • Various availability rates to choose from - 3 service levels
  • Backup and recovery
  • Updates and releases quickly available
  • Interfaces to peripheral systems
  • Specialised technical support