The modern software-suite for preparing, organising, carrying out and evaluating elections

IVU.elect supports the entire election process formally, correctly, securely and conveniently for the users. The highest possible degree of automation and an increase in efficiency throughout the entire process is always one of our highest goals in this regard.

The support offered by IVU.elect starts with the political parties/groupings or with individual candidates. The election office responsible can provide the parties with a program specially pre-configured for the upcoming election(s). This program can be used to administer the candidates and prepare the lists. The program provides support to the users in the party organisations in accordance with the statutory regulations, even helping them in the preparation and printing of the necessary documents.

Together with the documents, the parties also give a file to the election office responsible. This file can be read into IVU.elect in the election office and verified by means of security features. This electronic data exchange means that employees in the election office no longer have to go through the tedious process of typing everything up. It also speeds up the process and prevents mistakes. IVU.elect then checks the submitted data for completeness, plausibility and mistakes in accordance with the rules of the electoral law in force. The results of this are shown to the election office employee and recorded. The employee can generate the acknowledgements at the push of a button, including possible omissions for the submitted candidate list. When the candidate list has been checked, the necessary documents, including the ballot papers, can be generated.

On the day of the election, IVU.elect allows the vote counts to be recorded very easily, and to be verified, plausibilised and logged immediately. In addition, all statistics are updated more or less in real time. This also includes calculating the seat distribution, calculating the elected candidates in relation to the current state of affairs as well as preparing projections based on the results of the previous period, taking multi-stage change coefficients into consideration. IVU.elect already includes numerous evaluations. It goes without saying that IVU will respond to, and implement, customer-specific requirements.

The results can be published with IVU.elect within a very short space of time in various media formats such as printed material, Internet, big screens or TV to mention just a few.


  • Kiesraad (central electoral council of the Netherlands and around 450 communes)
  • the Federal Election supervisor
  • the State Election supervisor for Saarland
  • the City of Munich


  • Government institution


  • continuous process automation
  • safety and transparency
  • reliable, automated election administration system


  • short implementation time
  • very high quality requirements

Benefit to the customer

  • efficient support in preparing for the election
  • the elections are carried out rapidly, reliably and securely