Analyse, plan and optimise locations and data

IVU.locate is the map-based software solution for analysing and preparing geodata, for controlling the geomarketing and for location analysis. The geographical information system (GIS) enables space-related Business Intelligence, supplies tools for potential analysis and zone analysis and provides the pool for location optimisation.

Integrated and customised GIS solutions

IVU.locate enables workflows that can be specifically adapted to the customer’s needs for a variety of branches – for example, retail, advertising and marketing or logistics. IVU.locate makes an informative analysis by grouping all data within the company together in one system, in order to evaluate them together with external data, such as population data and purchasing data. The clear display on the map provides new insights that are usually hidden in tables. The information remains up to date thanks to a direct connection between the available ERP, CRM or other master data systems. In addition, the open system structure makes it possible to incorporate any maps and geodata that are required.

Available geodata:

  • Maps and aerial images from Nokia HERE, Microsoft Bing Maps, Google Maps and OpenStreetMap
  • Routing-capable road networks from Navteq and TomTom
  • Raster maps, ADAC city maps, terrain and 3D models
  • Geocoding and address searches for any number of addresses

The modular design principle for the GIS solution enables a flexible scaling according to the respective customer requirements. IVU.locate can be used as a standardised single location solution for analysts and planners or as a web-based technical solution for company-wide usage by a number of different users.

At a glance:

  • Display, analysis and prediction integrated in one solution
  • Free integration of market and map data
  • Comprehensive import and export functions
  • Interfaces to Oracle, MS SQL server, SAP etc.
  • Sophisticated user and rights management
  • Central data storage, desktop- and web-based user interface
  • Modular design principle