Really know your own customers

Anyone who wants long-term success must recognise the requirements of his customers and provide a good service.

Geographical customer analysis

Along with the ideal branch location, a long-term connection with customers is a crucial factor for success. Satisfied customers come again and recommend suppliers and products. The basis for this is comprehensive knowledge of the requirements, requests, desires and behaviour of your own customers. In particular, the geographical customer analysis offers a variety of new insights. Via a combined evaluation of customer and space data, IVU.locate can supply information on the relevant catchment areas for individual branches, where the customers come from and the socio-demographical structure of regions with areas with many customers.

Linking data to increase outreach

The linking of customer-specific CRM systems and the enhancement of internal and external customer data with further environment data such as the population structure, lifestyle typology and competition situation enable an even more detailed segmentation of the customer base. This provides the basis for planning concrete measures for expansion, product marketing or advertising.Furthermore, IVU.locate’s system architecture guarantees data protection, data integrity and data security right from the start.

At a glance:

  • Segmentation, profiling and categorisation of customers
  • CRM linkage
  • Identification of target groups
  • Address validation and geocoding
  • Zone planning
  • Product controlling
  • Marketing strategy