Intelligent optimisation and efficient resource usage with IVU.locate

A good location is only half the story – the potential for success can be found in an economic operation and the targeted deployment of advertising material.

Reach customers and avoid wasting resources

Targeted advertising is probably the most effective way of increasing awareness for your own products. IVU.locate’s sophisticated methods of media planning make sure that advertising reaches the customers and that resources are not wasted.The consistency of the system makes it possible to incorporate all stakeholders across all departments. All information and knowledge of the ideal location, catchment areas and customer structures are called upon for the purpose of planning advertising zones. All advertising media can be included in IVU.locate and the optimal combinations of media can be identified. In this way, IVU.locate integrates poster sites, the distribution of magazines and other printed media as well as knowledge of potential target groups.

Holistic media planning and delivery logistics

The planning and management of the delivery logistics and the storage logistics are supported by IVU.locate. The functions for media planning can be used in all areas:

  • Planning for delivery areas
  • Resource dispatch for a consistent workload
  • Complaint management
  • Calculating the optimal delivery routes for delivery men and lorries
  • Automated creation of maps via an integrated serial printing function

At a glance:

  • Route planning and optimisation
  • Storage and logistics planning
  • Plan and optimise delivery districts
  • Analysis of complaints
  • Plan advertising and distribution zones
  • Response analyses for campaigns
  • Optimise media mix