Efficient, fair, stable and rule compliant

The automatic personnel dispatch (APD) optimises duty schedules and speeds up planning and dispatching. You can configure your own optimisation goals and weigh them against one another: dispatchers can define the relationships between conformity to rules, profitability, operational stability and creating employee-friendly duty schedules. It is possible to take into consideration numerous employee attributes, such as: individual restrictions, preferences, requests, and partial scheduling actions. In addition, it is possible to optimise roster layouts without any specific employee reference, e.g. for "what if" scenarios.

The APD uses complex algorithms to optimise roster layouts based on all of the user-defined guidelines, complete with days off and standbys if necessary, and automatically allocates them to individual employees. It takes into consideration admissibility rules such as negotiated guidelines and legal provisions, in addition to employees' individual qualifications, absences and duty requests. While running an optimisation, dispatchers can at any time view the solution that is best so far without interrupting the process. Thus, they can decide for themselves which optimisation results they would like to use. The result: optimal duty schedules.

Automatic personnel dispatch from IVU.rail:

  • Optimal duty schedules thanks to complex mathematical algorithms
  • Configure and weight optimisation goals as desired
  • Take into account rule systems, qualifications and employee requests
  • Automatically allocating duties to employees makes dispatching easier
  • View the solution that is currently best at any time