Optimal coverage for vehicle workings while reducing costs

IVU.rail’s duty schedule optimisation is based on well-developed mathematical algorithms. The result: plan duty schedules that are several percent more efficient than would be possible with purely manual planning. Integrated directly into the duty editing process, the automatic scheduling ensures that all vehicle workings and their corresponding activities are covered optimally. IVU.rail schedules the entire duty set or just part of it, depending on your needs, while adjusting already existing duties according to the guidelines. Furthermore, a special adjustment optimisation helps to transfer premature timetable changes to existing duty schedules with minimal changes.

Planners can specify at any time which hard and soft crewing guidelines should apply for a particular optimisation procedure. It is also possible to calculate several variants for a duty schedule without any problem based on various parameters. In this manner, you can establish potential means of increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Moreover, "what if" scenarios help to estimate the consequences of making changes to the rule systems. In addition, they provide a reliable foundation for quotations and strategic decisions.

Duty schedule optimisation from IVU.rail:

  • Optimise the entire duty set or individual parts
  • Special adjustment optimisation saves time when making timetable changes
  • "What if" scenarios for optimal results and easy creation of quotations
  • Statistics make it easier to evaluate a duty schedule version
  • Take into account hard and soft guidelines
  • Direct integration into the duty editing process for speedy access
  • Developed in cooperation with LBW Optimization GmbH – a branch of the Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin (ZIB)