IVU.rail.crew manages the entire personnel deployment, from long-term vacation planning to daily dispatch and precise payroll accounting. The dispatcher is provided with optimal support with the automatic personnel allocation and mobile duty sign-on control functions, while the personnel are involved by entering their individual preferences. Requests can be entered via terminals, mobile devices or the Internet – just like duty queries and signing on and off.

During duty allocation, the automatic personnel dispatch is utilised as a means of keeping the employee‘s work time accounts balanced, considering the employee‘s requests and creating fair duty schedules. Absences, due to vacation or sickness for example, are also considered in the process, as well as the qualifications of the respective employees. In order to guarantee a continuous flow of data, IVU.rail.crew contains standardised interfaces to all popular HR management systems.

“With the further development of IVU.rail we have reached a new level of transparency and flexibility in duty schedule planning and optimisation. Thanks to IVU.rail it is now possible to reproduce all duty forms and find the best possible solution. With the help of the vehicle scheduling program that is currently being implemented, all resources will soon be planned in one integrated step, boosting our productivity in a sustainable manner.”

Mauro Natali
Production Manager