Duty reports, time tracking, holiday requests: Decentralised and digital

Sign on to a duty with a click: employees can easily report the start and end of their duties online with IVU.crew.mobile – via mobile end devices, PCs or at a fixed terminal. The browser-based employee portal transfers the electronically recorded data directly to Personnel Dispatch and Payroll Accounting. Employees can enter preferred duties, submit holiday requests and find out about open duties in the duty exchange. Dispatchers see right away whether a request can be fulfilled and can adjust the planning accordingly. It is also possible to approve requests automatically with the Automatic Personnel Dispatch.

Employees can use the paperless IVU.crew.mobile module to find out about their current duties, the long-term duty schedule and their holidays. There they can also view and download their payslips. IVU.crew.mobile also offers a notification function for direct communication between employees and the dispatcher in order to report any deviations during the course of the duty, for example, or to give advice regarding particular links and vehicles. The system alerts you of any new notifications or changes to the duty schedule automatically after logging in by using a warning message. The employee portal shortens workflows and provides for more efficient and revision-proof personnel dispatch and payroll accounting.

The employee portal from IVU.rail:

  • Reports (e.g. duty sign-on/end) can be sent digitally and from decentralised outlets
  • Paperless communication with employees
  • Notification function provides simple information on the drivers
  • Electronic time tracking speeds up workflows
  • Connection to Payroll Accounting saves time
  • Customised overview of current duties and long-term duty schedule
  • View and download payslips
  • Holiday requests based on quotas and entitlements
  • Preferred duties and automatic request approval facilitate dispatching
  • Duty exchange for easy assignment of open duties
  • Optimised for mobile end devices
  • Front end with customisable, customer-specific corporate design