Transfer data smoothly to the payroll accounting software

The IVU.rail payroll accounting module transfers all relevant settlement information to the connected human resource management system. In most cases, it is possible to connect to an external system without any development costs whatsoever by simply changing the settings in the configuration.

Thanks to IVU.rail.crew's flexible payroll rule system, it is possible to create and define employee accounts automatically. Work hours that were actually performed are imported from Personnel Dispatch and divided into categories. Any special allowances that might apply (overtime, night-time work, etc.) are calculated automatically. It is even possible to import data from mobile devices without a hitch, in the case of a call in sick via our employee portal, for example. The result is precise, automatically created settlements. These can also be made available to the employees via the employee portal upon request. The IVU.rail payroll accounting module is an extremely powerful tool and is just as useful for small transport companies as it is for national railway companies with thousands of employees.

Payroll accounting with IVU.rail.crew:

  • Free formula input
  • Wide configuration margin
  • Automatically created employee accounts
  • Connection to all current human resource management systems
  • Data are transferred in CSV format
  • Precise record of times to be paid