Quick and Rule Compliant Duty Allocation

IVU.rail's Personnel Dispatch helps dispatchers to manage driving personnel and stationary employees in a rule compliant manner. A graphical interface makes it easy to enter absences and duties and to check employees' accounts and qualifications. An employee portal makes it possible to sign on to duties from mobile devices, to request holidays, days off and shift classes, and to communicate between the dispatcher and the employees. This makes the dispatchers' work easier and makes the current dispatch status transparent for both personnel and management.

IVU.rail's Automatic Personnel Dispatch (APD) can be used to draw up the optimal allocation of duties based on configurable optimisation goals and taking into account absences, account balances, requests and qualifications. The built-in duty editor allows you to build date-specific exceptions and to split individual duties and combine them again. Thus, the dispatcher is quickly supplied with the correct response to each dispatch scenario. The integrated connection to the payroll accounting module makes it easier to record the duties that were performed.

Personnel dispatch with IVU.rail.crew:

  • Rule compliant dispatching of driving personnel and stationary employees
  • Consideration of absences, account balances and requests from employees
  • Automatic extension of qualifications
  • Optimal allocation of duties thanks to the Automatic Personnel Dispatch
  • Support of special operational regulations, e.g. assignment of duties according to seniority principle
  • Short-term dispatch, e.g. for accidents or sickness
  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Employee information via employee portal or printouts