Relieving the dispatchers, revision-proof planning

IVU.rail.crew simplifies the planning process for rule compliant roster layouts. A powerful editing tool with a graphical interface enables you to directly configure and modify the duty schedules in the system based on a freely configurable rule system. Numerous monitoring functions allow dispatchers to always keep an eye on potential rule violations or important key figures. This makes it possible to add new wage agreements quickly and easily, in addition to legal and operational work times and rest times, while at the same time doing away with additional development costs.

Cyclical weekly templates that are both stable and fair in the long term can be created upon request. This gives dispatchers the option of working with shift classes – i.e. duty frames – or with specific duties or annual duty schedules right from the start. If necessary, it is also possible to conduct both schematic and calendar-based preliminary planning. After finishing the planning for roster layouts, you can roll out a complete weekly template smoothly in Personnel Dispatch.

Planning roster layouts with IVU.rail.crew:

  • Flexible rule system thanks to freely configurable duty layout rules
  • Efficient rule editor with a graphical interface makes it easier to configure the data
  • Possible to conduct schematic or calendar-based preliminary planning
  • Overview of the number of split duties and night duties per week
  • Display of spares (replacement duties) for each day and for complete spare weeks
  • Possible to work with shift classes or duties