Planning and Dispatching for commuter rail service in Germany

In 2002, Munich and Rhine-Neckar‘s suburban rail operators decided to use the integrated system solution IVU.rail. Today, in addition to Munich and Rhine-Neckar, the suburban rail systems in Hamburg and Rhine-Main also plan and dispatch their locomotive drivers and vehicles with IVU.rail.

For 10 years, these suburban rail systems have been conducting their planning and dispatch activities successfully with IVU.rail. They have been able to significantly speed up their planning processes, especially with the help of the duty schedule optimisation and the automatic personnel dispatch. Thanks to a completely integrated system, all planning and dispatch data from timetable planning to dispatch can be easily viewed at any time in a consistent manner. The result is the creation of reliable duty and vehicle working schedules, as well as complete transparency for all services performed in order to increase productivity.


  • Integrated resource planning system
  • Increased efficiency and reduced coststhrough a high degree of automation

Specific Features

  • Munich and Rhine-Neckar the first suburban rail operations to introduce IVU.rail (2002)
  • Optimisation of the personnel deployment
  • Central technical operation and control