INTEGRated Resource Planning For BUSes and trains

Transdev GmbH is the largest private public transport provider for German rail and bus services, with over 30 bus companies and numerous regional rails throughout the entire country. Vehicles and personnel were previously planned and dispatched in a decentralised manner using various locally installed systems (partly manually in Excel): which posed a considerable amount of work due to the almost identical or very similar business processes.

Transdev decided to replace the heterogeneous legacy systems with IVU‘s standard software solution: IVU.suite (for bus transport) and IVU.rail (for rail transport). IVU‘s software replaced the partly manual planning and now provides for a transparent planning process with a constant flow of data. Thanks to its standardised interfaces, it was possible to integrate the software into the existing system landscape without any problems.

Transdev was able to significantly reduce the costs spent on operations and coordination. Last but not least, thanks to the support from IVU, Transdev GmbH has been able to incorporate optimisation components in multiple tenders and thus win over new transport services.


  • Integrated planning for bus and rail services in a single system
  • reduced costs and resources via optimisation

Specific Features

  • Central system and central IT infrastructure for all associated bus and rail companies