perfect duty schedules

The optimal duty schedule at the touch of a button: IVU.duty generates efficient duty schedules for the entire workforce, from train drivers and service staff through to workshop employees. The intelligent suggestion system and powerful optimisation algorithms simplify these complex tasks.

IVU.duty is closely linked to IVU.run, meaning that IVU.duty directly extracts all relevant data from vehicle scheduling. The system takes any changes to individual vehicle schedules into account immediately, and suggests amendments to duty schedules where required. Thanks to its flexible rule editor, IVU.duty automatically takes all operational, collective agreements and legal requirements into consideration.

The duty optimisation algorithms automate the entire planning process on request. In a matter of minutes, they merge numerous duty elements, crewing guide-lines and qualification requirements to produce an optimal duty schedule. This schedule can be used immediately without any further manual editing.

IVU.duty adapts to the relevant company objectives such as minimising costs or making duties as balanced as possible. Special adjustment optimisation helps you transfer timetable changes made during the year with minimal changes to existing duty schedules.

The variant planning function of IVU.duty facilitate strategic decision making. For example, it helps to identify potential efficiency improvements and cost reductions the assessment of the impact of rule changes and the preparation of price quotes for new concessions.

IVU.duty at a glance:

  • Intelligent optimisation
    Thousands of duty elements are merged to produce
    an optimal duty schedule that ensures efficiency
  • Integrated suggestion system
    IVU.duty automatically adds tasks and groups them together
    according to the rule system for a faster planning process
  • Adaption optimisation
    IVU.duty leaves existing duties largely untouched, even in
    the face of shortnotice changes to the duty schedule
  • Flexible rule editor
    Duty guidelines, labour laws and company agreements:
    Rules can be flexibly stored and adjusted
  • Extensive variant planning
    If there is a new transport contract or changes to services,
    IVU.duty calculates the impact on staff and associated costs