Park vehicles optimally, use infrastructure efficiently "Track Occupancy" was developed especially for all of the tasks involved in parking management. Parking actions and stops are planned automatically for each track and the valuable infrastructure resources are utilised optimally. takes into account the track length, directions of travel, possible travel paths, coupling procedures and whether a track is permanently or temporarily unavailable. It is also possible to park external vehicles on your tracks without any problem. Furthermore, all of the activities that should be performed on the vehicles during standing times are included in the planning. Thanks to the integrated planning system for vehicles and personnel, suitable duties can be built automatically in Duty Scheduling and assigned to appropriate employees for service blocks such as cleaning, refuelling, brake tests, etc.

Detailed data from the station model form the basis for planning precise shunting trips and parking actions. At the same time, the "Vehicle Working Scheduling" module can access data from the track occupancy program to generate efficient vehicle workings based on track and depot capacities.

Track occupancy with

  • Plan parking procedures for each track
  • Schedule service blocks
  • Integrated planning for track occupancies, vehicle services and duties
  • Clear depiction of infrastructure use
  • Possible to transfer track occupancy data to Vehicle Working Scheduling