Network and timetable data: clear and versionable

From long-term annual planning operations to last-minute changes: IVU.rail.timatable is there to help at all stages of the planning process. The "Network Planning" module depicts all of the links and footpaths between network points (stations, stops, parking facilities, depots, personnel reporting points, etc.) in varying degrees of detail. Infrastructure data can be imported from all modern railway planning systems in standard railML format via the integrated interface and then edited further, if necessary. Thanks to the fact that all of the planning data is versionable, future infrastructure conditions can already be taken into account during early planning stages.

Abstract planning days and planning day sequences can be constructed in parallel to specific calendar days and calendar day sequences. Thus, frequently recurring planning operations can be created quickly in a single step and any individual changes can be scheduled in time for specific calendar days.

Furthermore, IVU.rail.timetable makes it possible to plan at multiple levels at once. The planner is able to work at the macroscopic level (for specific network points) and at the microscopic level (for specific tracks). Thus, the employees can be assured an approximate work schedule at an early planning stage in Personnel Dispatch, and it is even possible to include last-minute duty requests in the planning without any problems.

Network planning with IVU.rail.timetable:

  • Integrated editing of network data and timetable data
  • Supports the standard railML format
  • Network data can be imported from railway planning systems
  • Data can be modified further in IVU.rail at any time