Create, modify and publish timetables

IVU.rail.timetable receives all necessary data from upstream railway planning systems via its standardised railML interface. Timetables can be edited further with ease and can be output as tabular timetables or as on-street schedules in a layout of your choosing. This makes it possible to take into account commercial attributes as well: in this way, the program can ensure that the deployed trains have enough room for the expected passenger volume and provide sufficient traction. Last-minute timetable changes can be integrated into the planning without any problems; changes are adopted automatically for the next time the data are edited. Thanks to IVU AG's decades of experience in the field of bus transport, it is especially easy to create replacement services with IVU.rail.timetable. The result: tabular timetables and on-street schedules in freely configurable layouts.

Timetable planning with IVU.rail.timetable:

  • Create or revise timetables
  • Adopt data in standard railML format from railway planning systems
  • Work in graphical and tabular timetables simultaneously
  • Create replacement services with particular ease
  • Generate on-street schedules and tabular timetables in a freely configurable layout
  • Create printouts effortlessly
  • Transfer data to all modern timetable information systems (including HAFAS, Google Transit Trip Planner, etc.)