IVU.rail.vehicle plans and controls the entire vehicle deployment in passenger and freight transport. The run performances and service intervals of the individual vehicles are monitored continuously and exchanged with the maintenance workshop systems via online interfaces. The detailed depiction of the parking facilities helps to pre-plan shunting procedures.

During operation, the dispatcher must react quickly to delays and cancellations. IVU.rail.vehicle supports this with the planned and actual displays and the calculation of arrival prognoses, including their effects on layover times and following trips.

When doing so, the dispatcher must be careful to consider vehicle equipment and conditions, integrate special transport, plan maintenance actions, relay and assign open parking spaces and take into account personnel allocations. Therefore, modern dispatch systems should give an overview of which vehicle is currently deployed and with which crew. 

“With IVU.rail, we were able to centralise the planning of personnel and vehicle deployment for all of Hungary. The integration of the actual data from our vehicle location system helps our dispatchers to react quickly to planning deviations and to reduce their effects on following trips.”

Ferenc Márton
Chief Operations Officer
MÁV Hungarian State Railways