Deploy and replace vehicles, quick and automated

IVU.rail.vehicle helps dispatchers carry out all of their tasks: from allocating vehicle services to planning maintenance stays, through to reacting to disruptions and cancellations. The dispatcher is kept completely up to date throughout: actual data from the network, information on driving personnel, in addition to service interval statuses and disruption reports from the vehicles provide a complete picture of the current operating situation.

In order for dispatchers to be able to maintain an overview of the situation even during hectic everyday operations, IVU.rail.vehicle makes it possible to work in several views simultaneously and offers easy-to-configure menus. Comfortable filter options ensure that the dispatcher can concentrate on what is really important.

Dispatchers can react quickly in the case of a disruption: IVU.rail.vehicle helps with replacing vehicles, shortening or cancelling trips and locking entire route sections. The software can even be used to organise repairs for defective vehicles and their transfer to the maintenance workshop. Any disruptions that arise are recorded by IVU.rail.vehicle and their causes are logged – for subsequent evaluations.

The actual data dispatch can be used to automatically keep a complete account of deviations from planned transport operations without needing to intervene manually. This decreases the probability of error and reduces reaction time. 

One of the many advantages of the integrated system: planning data are transferred to the dispatch quickly and smoothly within a matter of minutes. The system does not simply serve as an interplay between planning and dispatch, but rather adapts to operational demands.

Vehicle dispatch with IVU.rail.vehicle:

  • Dispatch vehicles and services simultaneously in various views: bar graph, tabular view, network map, track plan
  • Easy operation: detailed filter and search options, Drag&Drop between the windows, tooltips, etc. 
  • Views and menus can be configured in detail
  • Different environments for different users: dispatchers, workshop managers, driving personnel, managerial staff
  • Assess disruptions and restrictions
  • Plan maintenance actions and repairs (connection to external workshop management systems)
  • Automatic record of operating status via the actual data dispatch
  • Transfer planning data within minutes - this procedure can also be automated and conducted at night, if desired
  • Numerous statistics and printouts
  • Numerous standard interfaces for easy data transfer to other systems