The integrated solution for the waste management sector.

IVU.waste supports waste management companies with all the tasks they face in the course of their operations – from order processing through trip planning to invoicing. IVU.waste not only optimises the deployment of personnel and vehicles but also helps to reduce operating costs, makes the individual processes more transparent and raises standards of customer service.

With its flexible modular structure, IVU.waste can be adapted to meet the individual requirements of each company.Separate modules are available for all operative processes: customer and order management, route and personnel deployment planning, route and trip optimisation, unmanned weighing, feedback, invoicing and creating statistics and reports. But, of course, IVU.waste can also be used as a complete solution and linked up to the company's accounting software. A particular advantage of IVU.waste is that it fits easily into existing system landscapes, because it has a wide range of interfaces for all standard ERP-systems.

With IVU.waste, waste management companies can:

  • Manage all relevant company data in a single system;
  • Accept orders via the Internet and keep customers updated about the status of their orders at all times;
  • Efficiently plan routes and trips and optimise the deployment of the all resources;
  • Dispatch personnel quickly and without complications on the basis of a range of selection criteria, e.g. qualifications and availability;
  • Record order data directly in the vehicle and transfer to the head office by GPS in realtime;
  • React quickly and flexibly to disruptions and breakdowns;
  • Produce invoices on the basis of the automatically transferred data
  • Generate up-to-date statistics or reports at any time.

IVU.waste  at a glance:

  • Location and tracking of all vehicles
  • More transparency in processes, costs and material flows
  • Online communication
  • Minimising routes and trip times
  • High utilisation of capacity
  • Strategic business games
  • Automatic trip optimisation
  • Easy order processing
  • GIS-support
  • Interface to ERP-systems