Workforce management - comfortable and efficient.

IVU.workforce is a workforce management system which consists of two components: a planning centre for the automatic dispatching of external workforce assignments and a mobile solution for field staff to record order data. Both components can be made available individually or as a complete solution.

IVU.workforce covers all tasks which utility providers and network operators are confronted with on a daily basis as part of field work, from planning and optimising the workforce assignments and resources to documenting and invoicing orders. IVU.workforce enables the right field staff to reach the right location with the right tools and materials at the right time.

With IVU.workforce, the order types of relevance for a utility provider or network operator can be planned and processed efficiently. The necessary forms, test records and checklists can be stored for each type and made available to them while they are out and about. This ensures rapid processing of the orders, and hence greater customer satisfaction. New documents or order types can be easily integrated into IVU.workforce at any time.