The dispatcher always knows where the employee is right now and what activity he is currently engaged in. Location and trip monitoring are absolutely essential in order to react to unforeseen events promptly and appropriately.

The field staff and dispatcher are in constant contact with the Workforce Suite. They can provide information by means of user-defined or pre-defined messages. Notices and warnings can be sent to dispatchers by means of multi-stage, automatic escalation systems. If the dispatcher does not respond within a pre-defined time span, a second escalation stage is automatically started and another or a larger group of recipients is informed. This ensures that unprocessed orders do not remain uncompleted, but are instead immediately assigned to another available employee, who receives the new activities and information directly on his mobile terminal.

At a glance:

  • Tracking and tracing
  • Processing status and results in real time
  • Integrated messaging system supporting
    • Messages related to tasks
    • Pre-defined and free text messages
  •  Automated background synchronisation