In order to guarantee an efficient work flow, steps should be taken to ensure that the same information is not entered more than once. The Workforce Suite therefore blends seamlessly into existing system landscapes, thereby allowing data to be automatically imported and exported from and to other systems. The standardised data input on site and the automatic transfer of the order documentation into the invoicing systems allow a data flow without media discontinuity. Master data of relevance to planning can be imported directly from the existing ERP system or entered directly in the Workforce Suite*. Likewise, data can also be easily exported from the Workforce Suite. All data recorded in mobile form can be transferred to the ERP system. Changes to master data are automatically submitted to a responsible employee for checking. If necessary, corrections can be made. Additional plausibility checks for entries further increase data quality, meaning that errors can be recognised while data is being entered.

A report system integrated into the Workforce Suite allows key figures and statistics to be derived from all available data. In this way, up-to-date daily or weekly reports about material consumption and deployment plans can be extracted from the data at any time. And in order to increase the benefits even further, the reports and statistics can be adapted to meet individual corporate requirements. Not only do these comprehensive analyses improve transparency across the entire process, they also help to identify weaknesses and areas with potential for improvement at an early stage.

All employees involved in the process, whether dispatchers or members of the field staff, can call up exactly the information which they require using the Workforce Suite. In order to keep this as simple as possible, particular importance was attached to forming the surface during the development phase. Intuitive and practical menus make the system more user-friendly and ensure that all users can access the relevant data quickly and easily.

*previously: Contour

At a glance:

  • Mobile Order Processing
  • Voice controlled navigation including information about the current traffic situation
  • Clearly arranged task and material lists
  • Customer configurable processing and data input, checklists and forms
  • Guided task processing
  • Plausibility checks
  • Document management
  • Support for signatures, barcode scanning, photos, etc.
  • Online and offline capabilities using background sync
  • Support for Windows 7, Windows Mobile, Android, iOS