Using the mobile terminal, the services performed can be recorded for each individual order. Set-up, travel, performance or post-processing times are calculated automatically and posted as a corresponding service. For example, if the field staff member is in navigation or approach mode, this period of time is saved as approach in the system. On completion of the order on the terminal, all services which have been posted are listed clearly. The dispatcher can now view them at any time, and make any corrections in accordance with auditing requirements if necessary. He can also post own services for the dispatching to the order.

The time worked by each person is recorded by means of entries in the mobile terminal. These can then be sent seamlessly to an invoicing or time recording system. The work performed for the order is recorded in the background, and is used to document the services performed for an order. The field staff do not have to do anything themselves here, which considerably reduces the likelihood of errors being made while data is being entered.

The working times of the field staff can be recorded in full by means of their mobile terminal. Sick notes can also be recorded in this way: if an employee is sick, all uncompleted orders are automatically returned to Dispatching, and can be promptly assigned to another employee. The working time account offers field staff an up-to-date overview of all time bookings and sick notes at all times. Working time models defined for staff automatically lead to warnings if the maximum permissible working time is exceeded. They are also informed of regulations regarding break times as prescribed by working time specifications.

At a glance:

  • Automated recording of working times
  • Support for working time sheets, activities, sick notes
  • Seamless integration in existing (HR) environments using web services
  • Documentation and revision of activities