Transdev: Integrated resource planning for bus and rail

Transdev GmbH is the largest private public transport provider for German rail and bus services, with over 30 bus companies and numerous regional passenger railways throughout Germany. Due to the almost identical or similar...

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NEB: Efficient planning and dispatching with growing operating capacity

Niederbarnim Railways (NEB) triples its operating capacity in just 3 years. This presents new challenges for the planners and dispatchers at NEB: a larger vehicle fleet, more locomotive engineers and the decentralisation of...

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Stadtwerke Münster: Flexible fare management with e-ticketing

For years SWMS has been at the top of the list of the best German transport companies. With Germany’s first e-ticket with a flexible occasional rider fare, SWMS responds to the growing trend of intermodal and multimodal journeys.

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BAS: Automatic route planning and mobile order processing

BAS Abrechnungsservice GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading billing providers in Germany and does business with various large utility companies. BAS needs a work order management system, which is able to support complex processes...

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VBZ: Efficient staff dispatching and requested duty planning

Switzerland’s public transport is internationally known as an example of best practice. Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich’s staff dispatching has to meet the highest demands to optimally deploy its 1, 400 employees.

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BKK: Swift system implementation with standard solution

Heavy traffic on Budapest’s streets and ageing technology present a challenge for the city’s municipal transport authority, Budapesti Közlekedési Központ, in terms of fleet management and real-time passenger information.

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Stadtwerke München: Integral order management for more than 330,000 orders per year

Stadtwerke München’s field services include a large array of order types, from readings and assembly to accounts receivable management. The different metre types for the various supply branches and the multitude of work order...

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