Aargau Verkehr: Mobile employee communication by tablet

Large notice boards and operating information that had to be retrieved from various file systems: the drivers at Aargau Verkehr AG (AVA) in the Swiss canton of Aargau (approx. 180 bus and train drivers) had only restricted, local access to information and had to rely on the manual exchange of paper documents. Dissemination of information was a cumbersome, logistically complex process.
AVA aimed to provide drivers with more up-to-date information faster and with less logistical complexity. A tablet solution was intended to enable drivers to use waiting and turn times for information, e-learning and communication. At the same time, operating information individually tailored to the respective driver was to be made possible, thus helping to ensure increased employee satisfaction.

AVA opted for the IVU.pad as a result of its good experience with other IVU.suite products and the straightforward connection to planning products such as IVU.crew. The tablet app displays current, personalised messages on upcoming journeys and vehicles and automatically synchronises all important documents. In addition, the IVU.pad gives drivers optimum support in their day-to-day work, e.g. with a dynamic timetable for rail operations.

The IVU.pad was rolled out smoothly within just 6 months. It has been very well received by the drivers. Integrated interfaces connect the IVU.pad to the corresponding peripheral systems and ensure seamless data transfer. The various information obligations in road and rail transport are also taken into account.

Further functions of the IVU.pad will be gradually implemented in the subsequent project phases. These include damage reports, an e-learning module and functions of the employee portal of the crew assignment system IVU.crew, including e.g. digital duty sign-on or holiday requests.


    • Make current information available to drivers more quickly
    • Use waiting and turnaround times for information, e-learning and communication
    • Lower printing and logistics costs
    • Individual, straightforward evaluation of all activities
    • Improve internal communication

      Specific Features

      • Different requirements for train/bus
      • Short project duration