Operational Control and Passenger Information with real-time data

ASEAG operates 69 routes covering 2,000 bus stops in Aachen and the surrounding area. Dispatchers faced a major challenge when delays occurred: the ASEAG buses did not have transmitters reporting the locations of the vehicles and reliably passing their current positions in the city on to the control center. Furthermore, communication between drivers and the control center was possible only by means of the interference-prone analogue VDV (Association of German Transport Companies) data and voice radio.

The primary objective of ASEAG was to convert to state-of-the-art positioning technology and connect a high-performance passenger information system. ASEAG decided to implement additional components of the standard IVU.suite software already in use. The outdated VDV data radio was replaced by a GPRS data radio on all 356 buses within just three months.  At the ASEAG control centre, data is collected in the IVU.fleet software component, where it forms the basis for operational control of the vehicle fleet. The IVU.realtime passenger information system transmits the departure times of the buses in real-time to 65 dynamic passenger information display boards in the area.

IVU has also developed “ASEAG mobil“– a passenger information app with integrated journey companion. It provides information not only on when the bus will arrive, but also on where and when passengers need to get off or change to a different bus in order to reach their destinations. The app automatically adapts navigation to the actual traffic situation and also suggests an alternative route upon request.


  • Reliable bus positioning
  • Improved communication with control centre
  • Provision and use of real-timeinformation
  • Increase passenger satisfaction

Specific Features

  • Mixed radio: GPRS data radio and analogue voice radio
  • Passenger information app with journey companion