Baselland Transport AG (BLT) carries 53 million passengers per year – 73 percent more than in 1995. Yet while transport capacity has increased – along with the number of employees and days of operation – the dispatchers were still scheduling in the same way as they did back then: Until 2007, pencil, paper, spreadsheets and lots of erasers were the key tools for defining duties. As well as taking lots of time, this method was also prone to errors. Every duty schedule version had to be checked manually – a time-consuming process. In addition, requirements in terms of duty schedule quality became stricter and the transport service staff increasingly asked to be involved in duty creation.

BLT decided to digitise duty scheduling to make the dispatchers' jobs easier, to significantly reduce the level of planning complexity while eliminating error sources, thus ensuring a long-term increase in duty schedule quality.

BLT opted for a gradual introduction of the IVU.suite planning product IVU.duty to switch the entire duty-scheduling process to software-based scheduling with IVU.duty. Now BLT generates its duty schedules largely automatically. Thanks to the integrated optimisation components all resources are deployed optimally and cost-effectively. In addition, representatives of the transport service staff defined the expectations of the "ideal duty", for example with regard to breaks or stress lines. These requirements were incorporated in duty scheduling along with the statutory and collective-agreement requirements. To ensure a smooth transition to the new software and a high level of user acceptance, BLT held in-depth training courses in conjunction with IVU.

Using IVU.duty has reduced the daily workload of the dispatchers at BLT, and the scheduled duties have increased satisfaction among transport service staff.


  • Increase in employees' scope of influence in duty scheduling
  • Digitisation of duty scheduling
  • More efficient dispatching
  • Elimination of error sources

Specific Features

  • Phased introduction
  • In-depth training