Flexible fare management with E-Ticketing

Recently there has been a trend towards intermodal or multimodal passenger transport. Flexible passengers in major cities combine public transport services with car sharing offers or riding a bike. Ideally, this changed travel behaviour is accommodated by intelligent fare structures implemented with modern ticketing solutions.

Stadtwerke Münster (SWMS) developed the idea of creating the first flexible occasional rider fare in Germany. In order to make this a reality, SWMS needed a comprehensive e-ticketing solution. This solution would have to include both the necessary hardware components, such as chip cards and boarding control terminals, and the background systems from the software side of things for accounting and data administration.

SWMS opted for IVU’s IT systems with their intelligent e-ticketing: their highly complex software solutions for accounting and data administration, as well as the corresponding hardware solutions, such as smartcards and IVU.validator. Thanks to the best-price calculation system, occasional riders only have to pay in accordance with their usage behaviour. In order to achieve this, detailed fare rules have to be depicted in the background system and large amounts of data must be processed on a daily basis. The IVU.fare product from IVU.suite takes care of both of these aspects.

Electronic fares, both for subscriptions and for occasional riders, that can be adjusted dynamically
to the usage behaviour could be added to the range of tickets on offer. This reflects a new culture of mobility, lightens bus drivers’ loads by reducing the amount of on-board ticket sales and speeds up boarding onto the bus. Thanks to the flexible invoicing functions, the electronic fares encourage passengers to use transport services more outside of the morning rush hour.

E-ticketing broadens the scope of action when setting up a fare system and at the same time is comfortable for the customer to use, significantly increasing customer satisfaction.


  • Promote intermodality and multimodality via intelligent ticketing
  • Flexible, passenger-friendly fare system and invoicing

Specific Features

  • First nation-wide fare system with flexible prices for occasional riders